Recycling Services

We buy mixed office paper; obsolete cardboard boxes; empty steel, fiber, and plastic drums & more

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Reliable Industries buys industrial products, raw materials, and obsolete finished goods.

These items include:

  • Finished and unfinished textiles
  • Corrugated scrap; plastic scrap (film, banding, and rejected parts)
  • Mixed office paper; cardboard boxes; empty steel, fiber, and plastic drums
  • Chipboard
  • Finished consumer products

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What materials do you accept for recycling?

Cardboard scrap, empty plastic, steel, and fiber drums, and obsolete finished goods.

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Where do you pick up recyclable materials?

We pick up recyclable goods in the Mid-Atlantic area, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Items are then transported to our recycling center in Lititz, PA.

Where are you located?

Our recycling center is on Lititz Run Road in Lititz, just off E. Main St. behind FrontLine Motors.

Recycling Materials We Accept

Cardboard piled high and secured by straps.

Cardboard Scrap

Don’t throw money down the drain by paying a trash hauler to take your scrap cardboard and empty cardboard boxes.

Maximize your return on scrap cardboard by allowing Reliable Industries to separate it into reusable boxes, miscellaneous cardboard pieces, odd boxes, etc.

Let us partner with you to stop filling landfills with these valuable resources and start filling your company’s pockets.

Storage drums stacked.

Drums: Plastic, Steel & Fiber

Reliable Industries can recycle your EMPTY steel, fiber, and plastic drums & barrels, as well as EMPTY industrial bulk containers. Every container sent to Reliable must comply with all federal and state EPA and DOT empty container regulations as well as our drip dry policy as shown below.

Don’t waste your precious time trying to dispose of your used drums & barrels. Reliable has you covered!

Pile of shredded paper.

Inside a 5-gallon water container.

Plastic & Paper Scrap

Whether you have plastic wrap from incoming pallets of material, mixed office papers, obsolete plastic or paper parts, or polypropylene bags (supersacks) from your packaging and production areas, Reliable Industries can recycle your material.

This is a short list of types of Industrial Plastics we handle and recycle for our customers. We are continuously searching the recycling industry to provide our customers with the best outlet for all of their recycling material.

  • LLDPE Clear Film Plastic
  • LDPE Clear Film Plastic
  • ABS Computer & TV housing Plastic
  • HDPE Plastic Drums Natural/Color
  • HDPE Plastic Buckets
  • PET Strapping
  • HDPE Plastic Totes
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Drip Dry Policy

Empty steel, fiber, and plastic drums to be picked up by Reliable Industries must comply with our “Drip Dry Policy”. To further enforce and comply with the EPA’s empty drum regulations which allow no more than 2.5 cm (1 inch) of residual material to remain in the bottom of an empty steel, fiber or plastic drum, Reliable Industries is currently using a “DRIP DRY” policy which allows for no material in the empty drums. No drum will be picked up which has any loose material in it. This means NO loose liquids or solids. If loose material can be poured or dumped out of the drum, then it is not empty. Additionally, if the prior residual material is listed by the EPA in 40 CFR 261.33(e) as a “P-Listed” acutely hazardous waste, the drum is not deemed empty unless it has been triple-rinsed using an effective solvent or has been cleaned by a method shown to achieve equivalent removal. All drums being removed from a supplier’s facility must have heads and rings affixed or have the bungs in place. Our drivers have been instructed not to pick up drums that are not properly prepared for removal. Every person providing drums containing any residues to Reliable regardless of prior content shall sign an “EMPTY DRUM CERTIFICATION” verifying that the drums are empty in accordance with the above explanation.

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