Commercial Recycling in DE

Reliable Industries was founded on the conviction that companies could save money and preserve the environment for future generations.

We’ve accomplished this for our clients by purchasing various products such as new, obsolete, and reusable corrugated cardboard boxessteel storage drumsfiber drums, and plastic drums and barrels; and other obsolete recyclable products. We then recycle and resell these items to manufacturers and wholesalers at significant savings.

Reliable Industries branded semi-truck.

How We Helped a DE Company Save Money

In 1985, before “green” became popular, our representatives were visiting a pharmaceutical company in Delaware.

This company was paying a trash hauler $300/week ($15,000 per year) to dispose of used boxes that we’d gladly buy. We offered to purchase those same used boxes for $45,000 a year. That’s $60,000 added to their bottom line!

This partnership with our customers positively impacts their bottom line while diverting valuable recycled materials from dwindling landfills and preserving natural resources.

These items include:

  • Finished and unfinished textiles
  • Corrugated scrap; plastic scrap (film, banding, and rejected parts)
  • Mixed office paper; cardboard boxes; empty steelfiber, and plastic drums
  • Chipboard
  • Finished consumer products

We proudly pick up recyclable materials all across Delaware including Dover, New Castle, Wilmington, Georgetown and Middletown.

Delaware Recycling Code

Delaware Recycling Code states that all commercial businesses actively participate in a comprehensive recycling program. So why not get paid for your recyclable waste?

Reliable Industries buys industrial products, raw materials, and obsolete finished goods.

Used cardboard stored on pallets.

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